Our Courses

We are specialists in Alcohol and Drug Education, Workplace Ethics, and Employee Duty of Care courses. Our courses also include units on sexual harassment, assault, bullying, and discrimination.

We do not deliver courses on welding, traffic management or interior design we only specialise in AOD and Workplace Ethics. Our work in Harm Minimisation and Sexual Harassment positions us as leaders in the field conducting many successful focus groups and providing the best Online training, our evidence-based initiatives and content will complement your internal workplace policies.
The Orange Card have engaged some of Australia’s leading experts in Alcohol and Drug Education.

Larger Corporates and Nationals
For bigger business, we work best in open collaboration we can curate our training models with your branding to create personalised company training units and even edit a personalised greeting and personal message from your Chairman, CEO or HR department to all staff and contractors prior to commencing the courses.  We can even simply be added to Third Party on-boarding companies and become part of your AOD Policy.

We offer a variety of very cost effective platforms and packages, if you would like to know more about unlimited license packages to Fixed Term Service Agreements models where we provide benefits like reporting that is very helpful for Board or Management reporting or helps business to win new customers by demonstrating positive result’s.

Please just contact us or email our sales manager direct at sales@theorangecard.com.au  for an obligation free discussion to see how we can best assist your companies requirements.

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Orange Card Workplace Ethics

Four units designed to highlight Sexual Harassment, Bullying, and Discrimination issues that are prevalent in the workplace.

Orange Card AOD

Thirteen dedicated units covering all aspects of Alcohol and other Drugs that are commonly found in the workplace.

The Orange Card PRO

An on-line Alcohol and drug awareness and education program for workers and contractors designed to tackle the growing substance use in the workplace. The course will also include units on sexual harassment, assault, bullying, and discrimination.

The Orange Card PRO PLUS

Designed for management and key personnel giving them a better understanding of alcohol and drugs in the workplace and the effect they have on work ethic, safety, and mental well-being. This course was also based on in-depth research into sexual harassment, assault, bullying and discrimination.

White Label

We have the ability to make your workplace safety and welling vison a reality. Regardless of the size of your organisation, you have a unique opportunity to impact your staff training by customising and branding your courses. We are a true “One Stop Shop”