Our Courses

The Orange Card offers tailored training courses for organisations across all industries and aims to make the path to compliance and understanding as user-friendly as possible.

The importance and power of knowledge cannot be underestimated and by embracing this belief, you will demonstrate your dedication to creating a workplace where growth is nurtured, collaboration is encouraged, and high standards of conduct are upheld.

The Orange Card also offers the advantage of customised programs designed to address the specific needs of your organisation or industry.

This ensures that any training will align with your specific industry requirements and focuses on current issues, allowing your organisation to make an impact beyond the workplace or classroom and transform into positive global citizens.

TOC Respect@Work - Workplace Behaviour and Culture

Includes units on sexual harassment, bullying, assault, and discrimination. By addressing these critical issues, the program empowers employees to recognize and prevent workplace misconduct and fosters a culture of respect and inclusivity.


TOC First Step: AOD

Provides an introduction to Alcohol and Other Drugs (AOD) awareness for young community members.  This allows individuals to make more informed decisions before experimenting and gaining potential experience.

White Labelling

We have the capability to customise any of our courses to align with your branding and organisational requirements.  Contact our Development team today for more information.