About Us


The Orange Card is an Australian owned company that develops online courses using highly researched and targeted modules that address the issues in todays workplace. It is our mission that all workers across the country benefit from this potentially life saving information, designed to help make informed decisions about alcohol, drug, work ethics, and duty of care. Our courses also target workplace ethics concentrating on sexual harassment, bullying and discrimination.


Alcohol and Drugs

As an employer you have a Duty of Care to provide a safe workplace for all employees, to be seen as a leader and caring for your staff has rewards. Replacing staff is expensive, accidents are expensive, absenteeism and illness is expensive, mental health issues, staff problems, bullying all unsettle employees performance. Is your Alcohol and Drug workplace POLICY active, do all employees know how to report incidents.

Sexual Harassment, Assault, and Bullying ​

In the majority of cases Alcohol and Drugs are a key contributor to sexual harassment, assault, and bullying in the workplace. In this day and age it is not acceptable in the workplace.

The PRO and PRO PLUS Courses

The courses have been developed to keep both employers and employees better educated and informed about workplace expectations and lifestyle dangers of drug use and workplace ethics.

Examples of some of the units covered:

PRO Unit Examples

PRO / PLUS Unit Examples

The Orange Card will continually evolve as new drugs are produced and take a grip on workforces.
Upon successful completion of the courses you will be issued with a digital Orange Card when you download your FREE SIDEFFECT Alert App, also a FREE easily downloadable E-GUIDE for PRO PLUS for quick reference.

You Have a Duty of Care

“Everyone deserves to work in an environment free of unnecessary risks to their health and wellbeing.”

Do you know who your contractors are?

As more companies commit to a drug free workplace, contractors and sub-contractors will benefit from completing the Orange Card demonstrating a commitment to contribute to a drug free workforce and creating a safer working environment. The common issues leading to consumption of Alcohol and Drugs is the break down in mental health that leads to sexual harassment assault, bullying, anxiety, and depression.

By educating your employees you make a commitment to your clients and employees by taking The Orange Card courses today. Staff also benefit not by just learning but by taking knowledge and understanding home to the community.

What is the biggest cost? To invest a small amount educating your employees OR replace staff due to termination and the unsafe work conditions that were created Eg; damaged equipment, replacing lost contracts and even worse a loss of an employee’s life.

Demonstrate true leadership. Put your staff first and help your business one that staff can be proud of.

The Orange Card proudly supports the Sideffect mission

Sideffect is an Australian not-for-profit organisation that is dedicated to the early intervention and education of illicit drugs, with a focus on reaching Australian schools with their powerful message. The Sideffect team are also helping parents, regional communities, and at-risk workplaces.

“Sideffect’s mission is to educate everyone in Australia about Alcohol and illicit drugs – what they are made of, what are the effects, and how they can affect your family and community – so that people are able to make informed decisions based on knowledge and awareness, not misinformation and ignorance.”
Rodney Bridge, Sideffect Founder.

Following the death of his beautifully talented and generous son, Preston, Rodney Bridge began Sideffect. Preston died at the age of 16 after taking a synthetic form of LSD which Rod later found out was made up of 25inBome as well as a shopping list of other synthetic drugs. Preston lost his life that night based on one choice and had he known what he was taking, he would have made an entirely different decision. Sideffect was born out of that understanding, that people need to know more about these drugs in order to make informed choices.