An online illict drug education and awareness course


The Orange Card is a leading Australian drug education and awareness platform; an online learning tool that is designed to tackle the growing illicit drug problem we are seeing in Australian workforces. The aim of the Card is to first and foremost educate people on the dangers of using these drugs and the impact they have on our workplace and community. With awareness comes the ability to make better choices and spread the word to the wider community – early intervention and education are key. This course has also been developed to keep employers and employees protected.

The innovative team at The Orange Card have developed the course into ten easy modules, designed to get to the point quickly and clearly. The ten areas covered in The Orange Card are: Methamphetamine, Marijuana, Cocaine, Heroin, MDMA, Research Chemicals, 25in BOME, Synthetic Cannabis, Fentanyl, and workplace responsibilities and safety. These drugs are the strongest areas of concern for employers around Australia.
The Orange Card will continuously evolve as new drugs take a grip on Australian workforces and the team will endeavour to keep Australian employees and employers educated and aware.

Benefits to your work

Drug awareness in the workplace is becoming increasingly necessary.
Completing The Orange Card will ensure that you are staying ahead of the pack.

What and Where?

Find out what's in synthetic drugs and where they come from

Learn the Impact

Learn the impact these drugs can have on your work life, family, community, and your mental/physical health

Improve your resume

Improve your resume with formal education in drug awareness

Widen your Scope

Widen your scope of work opportunities

Educate your Staff

Ensure your staff are educated on illict drugs with this proactive approach

Spread the Word

Spread the word on illicit drug awareness with your family and community once you have completed the course

Are you a contractor?

As more organisations commit to a drug free workplace, contractors and sub-contractors will benefit from the adoption of The Orange Card by proving your commitment to provide a drug free workforce for your clients, and a safer working environment for your employees.


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The Orange Card Proudly Supports Sideffect

Sideffect is an Australian not-for-profit organisation that is dedicated to the early intervention and education of illicit dugs. With a focus on reaching Australian schools with their powerful message, the Sideffect team are also helping parents, regional communities, and at-risk workplaces.

“Our mission is to educate everyone in Australia about illicit drugs (including ICE) – what’s in them, what they can do to you, and how they can affect your family and community – so that people are able to make informed decisions based on knowledge and awareness, not misinformation and ignorance.” Sideffect team.

Following the death of his beautifully talented and generous son, Preston, Rodney Bridge began Sideffect. Preston died at the age of 16 after taking a synthetic form of LSD which Rod later found out was made up of 25inBome as well as a shopping list of other synthetic drugs. Preston lost his life that night based on one choice and had he known what he was taking, he would have made an entirely different decision. Sideffect was born out of that understanding, that people need to know more about these drugs in order to make informed choices.

Go online to read more about Sideffect and book a visit to your school, community group, or workplace.


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