Frequently asked questions

Why do I or my business need to complete the R@W training?

Put simply, it’s the law! The Respect at Work legislation that passed in December 2022 requires all businesses, PCBUs and employees to be proactive in eliminating sexual harassment, bullying and harassment in the workplace. This can only be achieved by putting in place training and policies, beginning with The Orange Card Respect@Work course. Every business and organisation was provided a 12-month transition period through 2023 to begin their journey to compliance.  

As of 12 December 2023, it is NOW your POSITIVE DUTY as Employers/PCBUs to take reasonable and proportionate measures to eliminate unlawful sexual discrimination, bullying and victimisation in the workplace.

Do all staff need to complete training, or just management?

All staff MUST complete training in order to become compliant. They must know and understand what behaviours are and are NOT acceptable. The training is also an opportunity for both employers and employees to know their rights and responsibilities if they are in a situation where support is required.  The ‘Positive Duty’ p[laces a specific onus on Employers/PCBUs to comply, as set out in the Act.

Why should I pay for my employees to complete the course?

Much like other insurances, the Respect@Work training covers businesses in the unlikely event that a complaint is made about somebody within the business. Ongoing training and security is required to ensure that the business continues to be profitable, and the Respect@Work course is no different.

Another perspective to consider is that we want to attract better staff and actively be good, genuine corporate citizens. The Respect@Work course is not necessarily an expense, it is an investment into training and educating successful staff.

Do contractors and casual employees need to complete the course?

Casual employees are no different to full-time staff. All contractors, whether they are self-employed or work for another company are governed by the same legislation. If some contractors spend time with employees, it could be suggested they complete the course prior to engaging with your staff.

Is the course supported from a legal perspective?

The Orange Card’s Respect@Work course is completely aligned with the new legislation. While there is no formal accreditation issued by the Federal Government or AHRC to training organisations, our course has been designed and written to meet all aspects of the Act and has had input from legal professionals to ensure compliance.

What are the financial implications for my business if a complaint is made?

The changes in the legislation now mean that the fines for a business are different from those that an individual would face if found guilty of committing a workplace breach. The fines may be quite substantial, if Employer/PCBU cannot clearly demonstrate what compliant training was provided.  

Fines can differ in each state, range from $10 000 to $200 000 and penalties can include incarceration. Follow this link to view the full breakdowns of financial penalties:

What happens when we complete the course?

All staff who successfully complete the course can access their personalised certificate of completion, containing their legal name and a unique QR code that has a registration code and all other relevant information. Businesses, upon request, have access to regular reports monitoring staff progress. These files will show data such as staff registrations, completion dates and QR codes linked to their digital certification.  

Is The Orange Card’s LMS secure, and what will happen with staff data?

Yes! Our LMS has undergone a complete security audit. The Orange Card uses a cloud based system that is Australian (Sydney) based and complies with all industry guidelines and regulations. In compliance with Privacy Guidelines, we store any personal details correctly and no information is ever provided to third party business.  

What is WHITE LABELLING and how does it work?

White Labelling is ideally suited to larger businesses that wish to present the course with their own branding and context specific information. This can help with staff buy-in as all units, assessments and certifications will have the company branding visible.  

White Labelling also gives you the option of including an audio or video introduction from a company representative. This enables your business to tell your story and why the Respect@Work training is taking place.  

Can the Respect@Work course be added to our in-house learning platform?

Yes, this can be easily done. The Orange Card can supply a SCORM file as it must be a compliant interface. Our internal IT staff will then assist with the set-up and file transfer. (additional fees may apply).  

What happens if legislation changes and new requirements are introduced?

The Orange Card will always be reviewing and updating our courses in the event of legislative changes. Any new revisions, content and information will be added when appropriate.  

As a business, you are still able to legally demonstrate that you have provided your staff with the training required to ensure compliance with legislative requirements.