Substance Education

Learn about the effects of synthetic and illicit drugs, and what they are made of. Designed as an online education tool, your employees can access and complete the course from almost anywhere.

Make better-informed decisions

Completing The Orange Card will give you an understanding of how drugs and alcohol can affect your work, family, community, and personal mental and physical health.

Enhance Career and Personal development skills

Having The Orange Card certification will increase your credentials by including a drug and alcohol awareness course to your resume.

Productive Workplace

Increase workplace productivity by educating employees about the effects of illicit drug and alcohol use.

Staff professional development

Be at the forefront of professional development by ensuring your employees are educated. The Orange Card’s drug and alcohol education is a necessary tool to keeping a safe workplace.

Be a Mate - Spread the Word

Spread the word on The Orange Card’s Drug and Alcohol Education once you have completed the course. By educating more Australians about the affects of drugs and alcohol, we can create a stronger workforce, and save lives.

Corporate Social Responsibility


Corporate Social Responsibility is achieved when an organisation contributes to goals associated with social activism.


Adopting The Orange Card to your organisation will show your dedication to Corporate Social Responsibility and that you are willing to create a positive and drug free work environment and community.


Corporate Social Responsibility has been shown to:

  • Increase employee and customer satisfaction
  • Positively increase company profile
  • Provide new opportunities
  • Reduce overall running costs

^ Alcohol, tobacco & other drugs in Australia (Australian Institute of Health and Welfare (2019)

^^ Productivity losses and gains: Australian Government Department of Health (2015)

* Bureau of Statistics 2018

** Alcohol and Drug Foundation 2021

  • 75,772 people are hospitalised due to Alcohol. *
  • Cost to the community from Alcohol related harm is estimated to exceed $14 billion AUS dollars **
  • For illegal drugs it exceeds $8.2 billion AUS dollars**