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Alcohol / Drugs, Workplace Ethics and Duty of Care Courses

Helping Employers and Employee’s create a safe and more productive workplace.

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Alcohol and other Drugs Course

Orange Card Workplace Ethics

 Harassment, Bullying, Discrimination 

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AOD & Workplace Ethics Combined

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HR,OH&S, Executive Course

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Building a safe and sustainable business

Everyone deserves to work in an environment free of unnecessary risks to their health and well being. The Orange Card is an educational on-line course that enables your employees and contractors to become aware of the dangers of illicit drugs in the workplace. These courses also include Workplace Ethics and duty of care, Sexual harassment, bullying, and discrimination.

Last year Australian workplaces lost 11.5 million days to sickies due to Alcohol and Drug use.

Loss of productivity is costing Australian business over $6 billion annually.

“By adopting The Orange Card for your organisation, you are committing to a drug free culture in your workplace and making drugs socially unacceptable.”

Complementing your company’s AOD Policy the Orange Card provides education modules on Alcohol / Drug Education, Workplace Ethics focusing on Sexual Harassment, Bullying, Discrimination, and employee Duty of Care.

The Orange Card Courses

Orange Card AOD

Thirteen dedicated units covering all aspects of Alcohol and other Drugs that are commonly found in the workplace.

Orange Card Workplace Ethics

Four units designed to highlight Sexual Harassment, Bullying, and Discrimination issues that are prevalent in the workplace.

Orange Card Pro

A combined Alcohol & Other Drug, and Workplace Ethics Course targeting employees and contractors. It is designed to tackle the growing illicit substance use in the workplace and includes units on Sexual Harassment, Bullying, and Discrimination.

Orange Card Pro / Plus

Is an Online course designed for management and key personnel giving them a better understanding of Alcohol and Drugs in the workplace and the effect they have on work ethic, safety, and mental well-being. This module is also designed to implement strategies to assist management provide a safe and sustainable environment focusing on Sexual Harassment, Bullying, and Discrimination.

White Label

The one stop shop, you are in control. You can add your own company logo / branding, create your own design, add / remove Units, customise it to suit your own company requirements.