The Orange Card First Step

How exciting to be a young adult in today’s world. There are more choices available to you than ever before. You now have tools and the knowledge to create, invent and transform your world and you hold the key.


The orange card course is 100 percent online and you can access and complete it by using your mobile, PC or laptop. It’s a FREE course and can be completed and time of the day, seven days a week.


Signing up to the orange card FIRST STEP course is quick and easy. Once you have entered your details, you are redirected to begin the course immediately. There is no time limit so no hurry.


The course is designed to be completed in approximately 40 minutes. enables us to ensure that you are getting the most out of the course and will retain information.

Self Paced

The Orange card FIRST STEP is a self-paced course. You can complete the course in your own time this ensures that you get the most out of the information presented.

Pass Mark

You will require a 100 percent result to receive your digital FIRST STEP Orange Card.


As an added benefit when downloading the Sideffect Alert APP on your phone, you will open up your world to access a variety of discounts to Australia’s leading brands. These discounts are only for FIRST STEP, PRO, PRO-PLUS participants and Sideffect Alert members.